mean girl collection 😍
mean girl collection 😍
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mean girl collection 😍

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these glosses are called the mean girl collection😍 

“as if” 💁‍♀️: a clear gloss with a strawberry scent/flavor  

aspen ❄️ : a clear holographic gloss with blue sparks flavored/scented peppermint 

regina george 💗 : a bubblegum pink tinted gloss with golden sparks flavored/scented pineapple 

wednesday 👚: a light pink shimmer gloss with a cherry scent/flavor

ombre : its regina george over aspen 🤍

plastic: pink toned gloss with silver shimmer with a lemonade scent/flavor 🍋

* all glosses are made with versagel, vitamin E oil, shimmer pigment, flavoring oil w/ a seal for protection 

made with gloves, a mask, a sanitized station as well as each bottle sanitized!